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Our Team

Operations Team

General Manager

Catherine Pharazyn

Board of Trustees


Denise Gale

Being a parent to a child with special needs has given me profound insight and passion. In my role as Chair I strive to mould a brighter future for children and young adults with unique abilities, ensuring LifeKidz's initiatives resonate deeply and foster well-being in every individual touched by our mission.


Tom Cullinane

I've been a part of LifeKidz for some time, officially joining the Board of Trustees in 2022. As a teacher at a specialist school, I blend my experience in the disability sector to offer nuanced support for our cherished tamariki and their whānau.


Kelly Simpson

Having served on the board for four years and been with LifeKidz since 2016, I truly believe in the magic of our specialised programs. They're not just services; they're bridges, creating profound connections for our clients and offering invaluable support to their whanau.



Jonathan Clark

Being a father to a daughter with special needs has deeply shaped my perspective. I couldn’t be prouder of LifeKidz’s achievements and its unwavering dedication. We continually strive to deliver unparalleled services, making a difference in our wonderful community.

Vice Chair

Desiree Clark

Since joining as a Trustee in 2009, I've seen LifeKidz flourish. My daughter Megan's happiness in the holiday program fuels my drive. I champion quality programs, ensuring that individuals with disabilities and their families always leave with heartwarming memories.


Jessica Joseph-Selet

I've cherished being a part of the LifeKidz family since my children, who have special needs, joined at age five. I deeply understand the challenges many families face, and this insight shapes my advocacy for personalised, therapeutic care that mirrors LifeKidz’s heartfelt values.


Brad Wu

Though I'm a newer face on the LifeKidz Board, I'm deeply inspired by its transformative impact and the team's diverse strengths. I'm wholeheartedly committed to this journey, aiming to drive profound, community-focused change alongside my peers.

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