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Holiday Programme

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind holiday programme specially crafted for children with unique abilities!

We've tailored this extraordinary experience to cater to their interests and needs, ensuring each moment is filled with joy and wonder.

Let the fun begin with a fantastic array of outdoor sports and games, encouraging your child to unleash their boundless energy. From friendly matches to thrilling races, they'll revel in the joy of play while building friendships that will last a lifetime.

Ignite their creativity with arts and crafts activities, where colors come alive, and imaginations soar. Watch in awe as their artistic expressions take shape, showcasing their incredible talents and individuality.

Immerse in the magical world of movies and music, as captivating stories and enchanting melodies bring smiles to their faces. Whether they dance to the rhythm or get lost in the story, these moments will be cherished forever.

Prepare for a splashing good time with water play! Through interactive water games, your child will experience the joy of sensory stimulation and water exploration, fostering a sense of delight and discovery.

Stimulate their senses with sensory play, where textures, sounds, and sights intertwine, creating a multisensory wonderland. Our carefully designed activities engage their senses, promoting both cognitive and emotional growth.

Our playground is a haven of excitement and adventure. As they navigate the playground equipment, their confidence soars, and they embrace new challenges with a sense of accomplishment.

And let's not forget the sandpit – a magical place where imagination knows no bounds. Watch as they sculpt, build, and create, turning ordinary sand into extraordinary worlds of their own.

At our holiday programme, we celebrate the uniqueness of every child, creating an inclusive and nurturing environment. Our dedicated team ensures each child feels supported, valued, and cherished, making this a holiday to remember.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of exploration, laughter, and friendship. Together, we'll make this holiday programme an extraordinary and heartwarming experience for your special little ones.


Days Hours High need clients Very high need clients 1 on 1 clients
Monday - Friday 8.30am - 6pm $103.50
per day
per day
per day

To ascertain which category your child is in, please call to discuss.

Payment Policy

  • Non payment = non attendance

  • All outstanding fees must be settled before attendance can be confirmed for future programmes.

LifeKidz accepts the use of carer support, individualised funding, respite and Oscar subsidy.

If you are requiring 1:1 care for your child, or your child has Very High needs, an assessment will be conducted to determine the needs of your child for pricing.

LifeKidz is also an Oscar approved programme. To find out more information please click here.